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Personal Profile

As far as I can remember

"I always wanted to be a gangster." That didn't happen. I loved school too much!

Thus, instead of hustlin', I chose a PC and "The Internetz" to blow off steam in between sessions of teaching myself the arts of graphic design. This started 2 years ago.

Personal Interests

When not designing or coding a layout I fill my time with either of the following:

  • I love to spend time with family;
  • I read a lot of blogs;
  • I am a hip-hop beatmaker;
  • And an avid skater in the summer.

The Internet is my Oyster

A good designer is always up to the latest news, trends and techniques. For that, one has to get around and filter information from all possible sources. So... I get around and roam. And here is where I roam freely:

Technical Skills













Work Experience

Orbit - HD

UI Design Clean Simple
Orbit - HD started off as a basic Cydia theme. Then I started questioning myself if I could try my first Android theme. Started as a question and now it will be relality. It will be a paid theme for both devices same price ONLY $1.99
Updates: Twitter
Start - Finish: Oct 2013 - Soon

Some of my recent work.

UI Design Graphic Design Website developments
I'm a freelance web designer and front end developer, with a passion for clean, minimalist design. I love creating beautiful websites, connecting with great people and drinking coffee. Just click on any of the 4 icons below in order to the desgin!
Developer: Jeffro Gomez
Websites developed: 7

Education & Diplomas

Labelle High School, Labelle FL

High School Diploma
Statewide, Asian females had the highest graduation rate in the state this year (90.8 percent), while black males had the lowest (58.9 percent). But black and Hispanic youngsters, who typically struggle the most to graduate. Glad I can be one of those Hispanics to succeed.

Graduated: 2013

iTECH, Immokalee Technical Center

Multimedia Design
The Multimedia Design program focuses on producing the conceptual, technical, and visual design skills required to create multimedia applications and environments. The content includes practical experiences in Web page design, interactive presentation development, testing and production.

Graduated: Enrolling

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